21 March 2019: CV Radchenko 2019 – industry


Irina Radchenko is an associate professor at ITMO University (St.Petersburg). Previously, she served as an associate professor and an advisor to director for online media at Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Irina holds a Candidate of Science in System Analysis degree from Baltic State Technical University (St.Petersburg). Her major research interests are focused on Data Science, Open Science, Open Education, Open Data and the development of Intelligent Systems.

Academic title

Associate Professor

Education and degrees
Candidate of Sciences (PhD): D.F. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University, defended in 2007, speciality: System Analysis, Management and Information Processing
Diploma: D.F. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University (graduated in 2002)
Research and Development Activities

2013 — The development of Monitoring System of Scientific Activities to improve the efficiency of decision-making by the Officers of Russian Universities.

2012 — The development of Hardware and Software Designed for Enterprise Management and Economic Sectors of Modern Russia.

2012 — The development of Russian Public Information Resource of Open Data in Science and Engineering, which will be integrated into LOD-cloud.

2012 — The development of the Open Data concept of Russian Federation for the State Contract № GK-142-OF/201, September 5, 2012 with the Ministry of economic development.

Major interests

email: iradche@gmail.com
Telegram: @dadaistka
Skype: iradche